pure copaiba care -


In creating pure copaiba care, ANAEVA CARE promises to improve the classic manicure and pedicure by bringing a sophisticated copaiba-based hand and foot treatment to the market.
The most important ingredient in our new hand and foot treatment program is our exceptional copaiba oil, which is made from the Copaiba trees of the Amazon.


Never before has professional hand and foot care been so easy:

An ANAEVA foot treatment will give you everything you need in one practical, professional set: The disposable set comes with a hygienic nourishing glove mask / sock mask which contains a lotion made with copaiba oil (as well as a disposable nail file and cuticle pusher).

No need for water baths and no additional hand masks - much easier with ANAEVA “all in one”!


Pure copaiba care hand and foot treatments are available for purchase in our shop for registered, professional customers (cosmeticians, hair stylists etc.). Register here in our shop and then identify yourself as a professional buyer on our website

We will then immediately grant access to the shop and you can order without delay.




As a consumer you can purchase pure copaiba care hand and foot treatment kits, for your hand and foot treatment needs at home, from our resellers. A list of our resellers can be found on our website.